Yoga therapy was a new term for me. Yoga classes and physical therapy have been a constant for about 20 years, so the opportunity to participate in a one-on-one relationship with yoga and therapy together was intriguing. Veronika is the yoga instructor I already enjoyed on Friday mornings, so I knew the sessions would have a combination of play, work and spirit.

When the world changed, Veronika offered to continue our sessions with virtual technology. These sessions were just as meaningful as in person and I would recommend either method.

Each session brought new poses and careful consideration for my comfort and ease, balanced with challenges. Veronika provided follow-up emails with information and websites that have helped deepen my understanding of where and how to help relieve my ‘tight’ spots, with much success.

The unexpected gift, as a result of our virtual sessions, is the changed atmosphere in my home office from a place of activity to include a place of quiet peace and privacy.

Yoga therapy is a completely different experience that goes far beyond the benefits of a yoga class and physical therapy. Veronika knows how to bring out the best of the physical, mental and spiritual connection. I look forward to including Yoga therapy as another tool to keep me healthy, happy and mobile.

If you are looking for a deeper mind and body connection with joyful twists, I would recommend yoga therapy with Veronika.

~2020, Pearl, a zoom session WAS HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY DURING COVID19!

2020, the unexpected gift – virtual YT sessions.