Welcome to my life!

I am Veronika Prielozna, M.A. RYT.


“Be a GIRL with a yoga mat and mind of Holy, a WOMAN with attitude to stand up and rock the house and a Traveling LADY on her global journey.”


Veronika A

Allow Yoga & Healing Arts with Veronika to take you on a healing journey to your intuitive, creative and authentic self—the True Being, awakened! Learn how to express your soul’s longing by consciousness movements and asana; like in a story telling you will delve into soul myth that awaken your imagination and speak of a truth yet unexplored in your body and life.

My yoga practice YOGA & HEALING ARTS (Yin-Yang) is mindfully focused on healing and rooted in Hatha Yoga, where fabrics of both are masterfully woven into every class. Class themes vary addressing specific conditions such as lower back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulders or hormonal changes/ transition time. Class example: GODDESS UPGRADE or ELEMENTAL YOGA. As a student of mine wrote: “She fills you with hope and an energy you did not know was there. She keeps you wanting more and you remember that place she took you to and want to return there; a place of calmness and serenity.

YOGA TEACHING in Panorama Rec : September 2017offer

50+ AGELESS LIVING / Heart Yoga + Healing Arts

Tuesday, 4 PM – 5:30 (registered)

Growing older is inevitable, but making the decision to stay fully active and engaged in life is your choice.” Dr. Christiane Northrup. This active yoga lifestyle class is stacked with tools and inspiration for creating a healthy and soulful new way of being no matter your age. This is a path of Yoga Self-discovery of your body, mind and soul.  Thriving at every stage of life is possible! Using holistic proven methods, you can experience increased radiance and joy in your vibrant life.

(Heart Yoga + Inspirational Tales)

90 mins. – $15

GODDESS UPGRADE / Yin & Yang Yoga)

Tuesdays (registered), 5:45 – 7:00

Age 40 + marks transition time for everyone.  Our life (body, mind, and spirit) needs some elevation to higher altitudes.  Learning a new way of life, letting go of the way things used to be and then taking hold of what they have now become. In this Yin & Yang yoga class, you will learn more how to help yourself through this transition time when inner Goddess will regain new strength and beauty to her life forward.

75 mins. – $13

(Wisdom included in series: hormonal changes, menopause as a natural transition, flow with seasonal changes, wisdom of wise woman, playfulness, Goddess intelligence, and humor).

ELEMENTAL YOGA / Hatha Yoga( drop in)

Fridays, 10:30 AM – 11:45

In this hatha yoga class, we will explore human body inner connectedness with Nature and natural elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. You will learn how to harmonize your life using simple yoga poses, moves and breathing.  Elemental Yoga is the practice of balancing nature in you to restore inner life balance and begin the great journey into developing energetic harmony with the world we live in.

75 mins. – $13

(Wisdom induced in series: Ayurveda, Chinese medicine/ meridians, chakra, polarity therapy, etc…)

YOGA LIFE COACHING (private session) offers tutorials on specific yoga postures, energy medicine (table work), and creating a pathway to individual well-being. It addresses a common thread between a physical issue, and how that relates to emotional stressors.

My classes reflected worldwide study stays (India, Hawaii) and work with renovated teachers: Carolyn Myss, Ph.D. Jean Houston, Ph.D., Andrew Harvey; yoga teachers such a Karuna Erickson, Ty Chandler, Jules Payne and Michelle Schroeder. I keep pursuing my higher education in the therapeutic yoga, the healing arts and spiritual traveling for personal grow and spiritual transformation.

Be in the world but not allow the world run your life!

Yoga is a Science.

YOGA Menu:

Private Yoga Session

YOGA private session is an amazing opportunity for you to get one on one guidance and attention to deepen your understanding and execution of the flow. Privates will be designed specifically for your body and will reflect where your body is in the present moment. These intimate sessions may be treated therapeutically, with attention to your specific requests, or as an opportunity to deepen your knowledge, understanding, and connection to your body and practice.

Private, 60 mins / $ 60

Small Group (4 max) 60 mins / $ 60

YOGA LIFE COACHING for positive change

Yoga Life Coach will become your objective partner who observes you, supports you, and identifies ways to improve your performance using yoga and healing arts wisdom/techniques —giving you the edge to take yourself from ordinary to extraordinary!

Yoga Life Coaching gives people advantages in both their business and personal lives. Together you will build your pathways to your holiness (wellness) but it is only you who will walk this journey of change moving you forward.

Initial visit: 90 mins / $ 90

Follow up: 60 mins / $ 60

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