HEALTH & WELLNESS CONSULTATION  will allow you to see yourself as a complex human being. It can pinpoint what is off balance in your life and address those issues by offering solutions. A variety of approaches may be suggested such as massage, acupuncture, nutritional counseling or psychotherapy. You and your Holistic Integrative Consultant ( HIC) may take a closer look at your personal surroundings and relationships and remove what is causing you pain and add things which bring you joy.

The approach to treat what ails you is highly individualized. The focus should encourage you to engage in self-care and education about your health. It will be a collaborative effort where  you as an active participant will play a significant part of  developing your health care plan.

AM smudge 2 via Pat Novak

Here are some questions to ask yourself to see if you are ready to work with a Holistic Integrative Consultant.

  1. Does the stress at your job or relationship cause you to overeat or lose your sleep?
  2. Do you feel like something is lacking in your life? If so, how are you filling that void? With too much television, social media or exercise?
  3. Do you have low energy or a lack of motivation?
  4. Are you moody?
  5. Do you feel stuck (in your job or relationship)?
  6. Would like to feel better in your body, mind and spirit?
  7. When you eat certain foods do you feel depleted or energized?
  8. Missing the true purpose of your life?

Being healthy does not necessarily mean living without disease. It is more about living as optimally as possible with the hand you have been dealt while pursuing options that will deal you a better hand. If one of your goals is to make significant life changes, consider meeting with us.

Feature image credit: Jakub Bryzdyla

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