Full Moon, June 2015“What is it like to work with Veronika?”

Daring, rewarding and fulfilling. Once she is tuned to the higher consciousness her voice changes. When she touches your body you can experience traveling inside of your body as she will take you in, if you are open and ready. You must breathe. She trains your breath well but you must do the work. Without breath and intention she will take you nowhere; she is very clear about her way. You will get home from the session with self-care homework to keep on energy you built up. She will check on you through email and support you on your journey. She can create a safe container for your work, no worries about that. You must know that it is only you who do the work to become your own healer.

Monika, 47…”Daring, rewarding and fulfilling.”

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA“What is it like to work with Veronika?”

It is like a dish from European Deli in front of your eyes. You want to get the best of what is hidden in the center ( table time – hands on healing) but you have to get there through all obstacles from veggies and grains on the side of the dish are wrapped into breath work, yoga, dance, journaling, self- reflection and meditation.  When you are successful in your quest to get into the middle, you are in Heaven on the Earth. During this process, you purify yourself through the fire and now, you are in contact with the higher consciousness. You wish it will never ever stop, but it will. You leave your session with more desire to travel through your own mystical waters and heal your body and soul.

Life is good afterward and you keep developing your “fine taste for the dish” and you want to come back for more to be connected with Divine essence and beauty of your own soul.



Collective testimonials from students/ clients, winter intake, 2011

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