“It is interesting in life how we meet someone, only to realize many years later why that meeting had significance. I have known Veronika for about 15 years, and during that time have witnessed her transformation to an incredibly talented healer. I began my work with Veronika on a personal basis over two years ago. During that time, Veronika has used a variety of traditions and methods to help me heal my life. I can truly say that in working with Veronika, I have grown as a human being and I feel more wholeness, and a great deal more love and peace in my life. She has helped me heal in so many ways. I have developed a greater sense of self confidence and comfort within my body. I have started down a path of spirituality, one that has become very fulfilling. I am emotionally and mentally stronger, much less likely to be washed away by the tides that are always ebbing and flowing in our lives. The Enchanted Journey experience which Veronika has created has become an important stepping stone in my life to truly grow as a person and embrace many different methods that I, alone, would not have access to. Veronika is masterful in her ability to help and heal, and I am truly thankful to work with her!”

Heather Granger, RDH, Victoria, BC

“Is a new experience for me. Entering into a circle with other people to share sadness, sorrow, hurts and pains from the past, can be heavy and overwhelming. However, discovering parts of myself I never identified with, or realized or valued before this process has given me new perspective and awareness of the origins of my patterns, behaviors and believes, but not only in myself, but in my family members.

Being a part of this circle has made me realize that other people have been or are experiencing the same things I am. I value the opportunity to share and support one another through a deep process of inner work.

I am very grateful to have experienced this inner journey and have Veronika guide us through this process with her wonderful gift of holding the energy to allow us to go inside and hold onto our own energy so that we can go deep inward and feel peace and calm. “

Julie Burk, B.A.A., RD, Vitoria, BC



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