my clientsWho are my clients?

I work with people (both genres) from different walks of life…people who find themselves alone at life’s crossroad and forced to make some life changes: mid-life “turn over time”, job loss or career change, from married to single again, empty nest syndrome, pre/post menopause, life confusion or perhaps you are simply facing a change from one phase of life to another.

You wish to establish positive changes in your life but feel gloomy in your present situation, not knowing where to start. Once you say “YES” to your new vision, change can be activated. “Where there is drama there is trauma.” Our work together, will help to put your past trauma and blame behind and create a traveling map to move forward. You will find the road that leads to a sense of purpose, peace and happiness.

The most defining factors for successful work together:  Your readiness,  your willingness to create and dare to change for better.

If you are ready to face your life circumstance and do your creative inner work, you are the best candidate for our work together. You are in a good position to enhance your awareness and claim the power back in your life. Yes, it is a process! You will be guided to abandon old habits and beliefs and adopt a new life style and in the midst of change. Carefully guided by me, you will suddenly meet the new YOU and be three steps ahead of the game.


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