The art of medicine is follow nature, to imitate and assist her in the cure of diseases.~ Tomas Reid

What is Integrative Energy Healing?

Integrative Energy Healing (IEH) is one of the streams of learning offered by the Langara College School of Holistic Health Studies, Vancouver, BC whose purpose is to re-evaluate how health is created in the mind, body and spirit by expanding a client entered health care model that awakens the body’s innate healing potential and opens the path of the Heart.

Integrative Energy Healing is an integrated approach to healing and spiritual transformation that bridges ancient Eastern practices, Western teachings and recent scientific discoveries to put the emphasis on awakening the body’s innate potential to heal itself. Integrative Energy Healing is designed to complement, rather than replace, conventional approaches to health care. As the graduates of IEH, we are exploring energy, consciousness, and healing in terms of human multi dimensional anatomy, physiology, pathology, chakra, auric field, and five element concepts. As practitioners, we are applying techniques designed to sustain health and deepen connection to Self. (

What happens in a session?

A typical session of Energy healing is about 60 minutes from start to finish. This varies on case by case basis and depends on each individual’s experience. The following outlines the process followed during a typical session.

Intake and Intention of Session

  1. A short Intake session which covers client’s present state of health and health history, stress levels, pain levels and any other information the client wishes to disclose.
  2. Client sets the intention and focus of session for the day. Intention is a very powerful tool, as it allows the energy to find channels best suited for your healing.
  3. Client is fully clothed and only removes footwear and eyeglasses for comfort. They need to be on the massage table for maximum comfort. The time on the table is a chance to go deeply into your body, learning to listen and honor your individual process.
  4. Client is invited to relax by focusing on the breath. Deep relaxation is encouraged throughout the session.
  5. Practitioner conducts a hand scan (off body) of the client’s energy field to determine the type of energetic treatment that is needed to serve the client’s intention in the highest and most honorable way.

Session Intake

  1. With permission, the practitioner will use gentle touch to facilitate the flow of energy within the client’s body. The goal is to support the client’s innate ability to find balance and healing, according to his or her highest good.
  2. Throughout the session, practitioner is dialoguing with client and at any moment client can stop the treatment.
  3. Feedback is requested at various points to maintain energetic and verbal contact.
  4. The practitioner does a final hand scan of the client’s energy field and helps the client ground.

Session Debrief

  1. Client is now seated in a chair during the debriefing session which assesses activity/change or improvement from the client’s perspective.
  2. Reflecting back on the intention set at the initial part of the session, client is asked for feedback on what the outcome/gift transpired as a result of this session.
  3. Client is encouraged to assess what is needed to support the healing goals over the next short period of time (day or week) or until the next session.

PRICE: 90 minutes………………………………..$135


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