A peaceful river inside of you. Like the perfect day, it flows smoothly and easily. One moment leads seamlessly to the next. When you travel along this path you are in a state of effortless flow, you are able to live completely in the “now.”
But what if something blocks the path?
A fallen log, tangled weeds, or scattered rocks. Suddenly, the smooth and gentle course becomes treacherous.
Your thoughts become scattered and chaotic.It becomes that much harder to get where you’re trying to go.
That is because you have suddenly encountered an energetic obstacle.

stepping stones

What happens when our energy system becomes depleted or imbalanced?

When our energy system is depleted we feel tired, we have difficulty coping and it is difficult for our immune system to function properly.

When our energy system is off balance, the energy that usually flows through and around our body becomes congested. For example – pain is congested energy. When an individual has pain, the practitioner focuses on removing the energy congestion so that the pain level is reduced. Think of times when you have been stressed and how it affected your body. You may have experienced muscle tightness in your neck and shoulders, developed a headache or had discomfort in other parts of your body. Stress causes congestion in our energy system. Healing Touch techniques (Energy Medicine) help to relieve that congestion.

The human body system is made up of seven major Chakras – the main energy centers or natural elements within your body.Each one influences a different area of your life: health, intuition, money, love, self-expression, inner wisdom and union with the Divine. Any of them are potential areas where energy can get stuck and stagnate.

So “How is healing done?”

My answer is through natural science, ancient wisdom, gentle touch and the power of Now.

Featured Image Credit: Jakub Brynzyla

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