DISCLAIMER: The services provided by LIVING HARMONY, Health & Wellness Consulting are not a substitute for professional legal, financial, medical or psychiatric advice or care. One should always seek a Licensed Physician, Psychiatrist or Counselor for diagnosis and treatment. If you are in need of professional assistance (i.e. doctor, psychiatrist, lawyer, financial advisor, etc.), please seek it. You must be 18 years or older to purchase any sessions. Personal choices and/or actions based on the content of your session or service are solely your responsibility. If you are facing life crises, it is recommended that you seek appropriate professionals to assist you, as Veronika Prielozna is not responsible for your emotional distress. By booking your session with Veronika Prielozna you agree to these terms. These services are for guidance only and are not meant to replace any professional in the fields of medicine, law, psychiatry or financial planning. In the end YOU must make your own choices and always consult a professional for any conditions, health concerns, or mental and emotional issues you may be experiencing.


Must be read before purchasing any sessions.

Thank you.






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