PACKAGE OFFER: Core Of Your Business

How to run your business authentically

“To be nobody but yourself in a world that is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else — means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight.”


This package is designed for highly conscious entrepreneurs who want to create a new or more abundant reality for themselves. The ‘Core of Your Business’ package can assist you during time of completing new projects, restructuring or remodeling your existing business.

Evolution can be present in many aspects of your business. You will feel an uplifting of new energy and a huge desire to make a mark on your professional work as a reflection of who you are and what path you are walking…

In the beginning you followed your dreams, ideas, inspiration or lucky star; created your business and became an entrepreneur / business owner.

You might put years or intensive hours into your business and now, you feel like something is not quite right and are looking for a way of enhancing your authenticity in your work. Life will somehow be imprinted in your company. You are searching for a way to merge inner and outer alignment between you and your business.

The Core of Your Business will assist you in aligning your ideas and the energy field around you so clarity can spread and touch others who are connected to you on the many levels of your business adventure.

It is a uniquely tailored energetic support on your business journey by creating and maintaining harmony between you and your business.

The Core of Your Business /package – offers a custom designed spiritual practice that will give you practical guidance for a 21 day duration – including the integration of new vibration into your core – email support and celebration at the end.

This package is highly recommended during the process of remodeling, lunching new project or new changes in your business direction.

Learn to be yourself—because the world worships an original. And what the world really wants and needs is the real YOU!

When we are aligned with our authenticity, our feelings and thoughts become instruments of true-path, direct expressions of our highest intentions. In this more authentic state, we become much more effective at attracting what we want from a universe that is only interested in authentic expansion. Nothing feigned will do.~ Jeff Brown

Price: $$$

Package includes:

Two hours in-person or skype consulting sessions –included energetic assessment, a custom designed business spiritual application and on-line support, answering brief questions, during 21 days of breaking the habit to live and run your business authentically.

I have learnt so much from Veronika over the years and count myself fortunate to be her friend, student & colleague. Through our meetings & friendship she has helped me learn that we truly are spiritual beings having an earthly experience and how to connect with the flow of life to heal & grow. She has a vibrant energy with a warm smile and a wealth of knowledge & intuition. I love feeling her uplifting energy. Daily I find inspiration through her Facebook & Blog posts. Thank you for sharing your gifts, my friend.”

From Caroline Barry, BsN, RN


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